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Hardware Discussion / top tier FPS mouse for cheap
« on: February 13, 2017, 09:32:51 AM »
For anyone looking to get a top tier optical FPS mouse but has been holding back due to cost.

This has everything you find in the most expensive FPS gaming mice - 3360 sensor (best on the market), lightweight at 84g, omron switches (with 20 million click lifespan), and safe ambi shape that caters to most grip styles.  It's a copy of the steel series sensei shape that everyone loves to grip, but without the garbage laser sensor that steel series has yet to update.
Oh yeah, and it's $38

Hardware Discussion / 2 quality headphones on sale
« on: July 06, 2015, 07:52:45 AM »
Both of these have great sound quality - closed back cans with a heavy bass bias.  - normally $170ish, $128 as of 7/6/15.  The drivers are so large they actually pressed on my ears.  - These solve that issue per head-fi forums, and my own experience as well.

also these - normally $130ish, $79 as of 7/6/15.

Can't miss with either one.  Also, like any headphone they sound better with amplification, but impedance is low enough to plug right into your PC and still get good sound quality.

Hardware Discussion / G303 mouse
« on: May 28, 2015, 04:02:45 PM »
Amazon has this for $49.99 at the time of this post.  Same perfect sensor as proteus core 502 but in smaller (fingertip/claw grip) roughly 90g form factor.  The shape wasn't for me but others may love it.

Hardware Discussion / Kone pure military mouse
« on: February 19, 2015, 03:14:30 PM »
Newegg mobile exclusive
Kone pure military mouse. Pixart 3310 sensor/93grams
Roccat - normally $70
$45 for the next 10 hours with coupon code
Great for claw/fingertip style players

Hardware Discussion / deals on hardware
« on: March 09, 2014, 09:49:44 PM »
I follow PC hardware fairly closely, and often have found deals I think other gamers might be interested in.  I'll be posting them here when they come up.  Hopefully some are helpful to you guys:)

Hardware Discussion / Hardware - Mice with near flawless sensors
« on: January 21, 2014, 12:06:43 AM »
I've been researching peripherals for a while (hundred hours or so - not proud of it), and have found a lot of interesting info regarding what makes gaming mice accurate.  This info likely won't be a "game changer" for anybody as there are so many amazing shots on this team.  However I have found this helped me (I need all the help I can get) and hey, if it makes somebody 1-2% more accurate, as a competitive unit why not try it and see?

So for precision shooters, there are 3 mouse properties you want to avoid and 2 more terms that are helpful to be aware of.  I'll list them and my best explanation of them below.  Sadly many mice, even purported "gaming mice" have the problems listed below

1.  Acceleration - You want your mouse when moved across your pad to move some consistent distance across your screen (w/e you set your sensitivity to.  Acceleration (positive accel in this example, though either positive or negative is bad) means that if you move your mouse the same distance more quickly, more ground will be covered on the screen than if you had moved the mouse the same distance more slowly.
     Windows by default does this with all mice - You must disable this by typing pointer speed on the start menu search feature (at least for windows 7) and making sure the "Enhance pointer precision" box is unchecked.  If it's always been checked it will take a game or 2 to get used to it, but you may end up preferring this.

2.  Prediction (aka angle snapping, drift control)  - The mouse will "guess" where you are trying to go and therefore help you out.  The best example I have of this is if you're trying to draw a horizontal line in paint the mouse will smooth out the line to make it straighter.  The problem occurs if you're moving right and slightly up for a mech above you, the prediction feature will interpret your slight upward trajectory as an error and "correct" it for you.  Unfortunately many mice have this problem too.

3.  Mouse smoothing - My understanding of this is limited but generally its that certain mice will try to make your movements less choppy and erratic overall.  The problem with this is that it usually takes some amount of processing time to make these changes, thus introducing a small degree of input lag.

other used terms

4.  Lift off distance - The height you lift the mouse from the pad at which the mouse stops tracking.
5.  Malfunction Speed  taken from
Another important factor in choosing a mouse is the fastest speed you can move before it gives up and decides to fire the next rocket at your feet. I call this the Malfunction Speed, where the mouse loses control and effectively stops working. When you flick your mouse beyond the Malfunction Speed, anything can happen. You may either end up looking in any random direction or just find you haven't turned around at all. All optical and laser mice must have a Malfunction Speed, so we want it to be as high as possible so you don't notice it.

Laser mice do a lot of things well, however all laser sensors have at least a small degree of acceleration at this time.  Recently optical mice have become more popular mostly due to this issue

The 2 most accurate optical mouse sensors to date are listed below
PMW3310H and the avago A3090
Many mice carry these sensors, however even with these closer to perfect sensors many still have problems.  Below I'll list some of the more popular choices, their weight if I can find it (without including cable weight), current pricing (ish) and what if any quirks the model has to be aware of.

Palm grip mice

Logitech  g400s
   (or old g400 if you can find it) $40-47
   quirks - none
Razer deathadder (2013 version)
   quirks - adjustable LOD - some questionable durability/quality control
Zowie EC1 evo
   quirks - low LOD, slightly lower malfunction speed, harder to click (huano) buttons)
Roccat Kone XTD optical version coming soon
   quirks - only laser out presently
Steelseries Rival
   128g (this may be with cable - still very new mouse)
   quirks - very new - not much data yet on this

Claw grip mice

Cooler master spawn
   (unreliable weight info)
   quirks - some issues with VOIP usage supposedly fixed, interesting claw shape
Razer abyssus
   quirks - only 2 buttons, higher than average LOD
Zowie FK
   quirks - low LOD, slightly lower malfunction speed, harder to click (huano) buttons)
Zowie AM
   quirks -slightly older version of FK - slightly higher hump, even harder to press buttons, some    prefer it still
Steel series Kana V2
   88g (white color version purportedly slightly heavier than this)
   $70 (have to ship from Asia at this time)
   quirks - very high LOD (correctable - google "mouse tape trick")

Gray Area (arguable claw or palm grip here)

Cooler master recon
   quriks - big hump, heavy for claw grip mouse
Zowie EC2 evo
   quirks - low LOD, slightly lower malfunction speed, harder to click (huano) buttons)
Roccat Savu
   $50 (sometimes drops to $35 on tigerdirect or amazon)
   quirks - rough textured feel, cool software but difficult to remap side buttons
Roccat Kone pure optical
   quirks - Kone Military (with PMW3310H sensor) to replace it in a couple months
Tesoro Gungnir H5
   quirks - colorful design:)

Good but pricey control mouse pad to go with any of these mice - Artisan Hien VE (can get on sale on Amazon $15-25
additional helpful website regarding sensors -

Of course there are many more viable options than these (and I may add to this list in time) but these are the most positively reviewed mice I've come across.  Hopefully this is helpful info guys:)

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